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Year 2 Day 64- Ebony, and Ivory…living together in perfect harmony.

by admin on November 17th, 2004

Just an interesting side note about today.

I’m in the process of trying to assemble a folder full of pictures kids in my Art class can use to draw. I have way too many kids who spend way too much time trying to find a picture to do a Ohm and Ohm drawing of, or a grid drawing. I keep telling them… iHey, if you don’t find one soon I’ll find one for you… i

I don’t have any readily available, so I started trying to collect a folder full of interesting black and white images. It’ll help when kids need a picture of an elephant, or lion, or whatever. I wasn’t having much luck on Google image search, so I went to Lycos image search, typed in iBlack and White Photos.i

Do it I dare you.

There’s a few black and white pictures that come up, then there are some BLACK and WHITE pictures that come up… .I actually thought I may have mistyped Black on White, or something horrible, but no, I typed it right… I just got some images I, uh, wasn’t able to use in my folder.

I tried to get passed that section of inappropriate pictures only to discover, there was way too much of it to get through… sadly, I switched back to google.

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