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Year 2 Day 63- Race Wars

by admin on November 16th, 2004

The new session is 2 days old. I can already tell certain aspects of this session are going to be really trying. I have one class in particular where I have the highest amount of kids of different races, combined with the highest amount of blatantly racist kids. It’s really fun to witness. I constantly feel like it’s only seconds away from explosion.

I keep hearing mumblings that I’m going to be teaching US History next session. This is one thing I’ll have to refuse. I’m limiting the amount of classes I teach that I don’t like to 2. So if someone wants to take the US Government class for me, then sure, I’ll teach US History.

So yesterday I ended up painting a little bit. Part out of feeling guilty for being so mean about refusing, and partly because I knew they’d screw up mixing the skin tone, and I couldn’t have them think it was even partly my fault. A new problem with the painting is the fact the paint base smells like chlorine, and gave me a headache. I’m not painting today.

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