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Year 2 Day 58- Foo-Foo Kachoo

by admin on November 10th, 2004

Today is day 3 of showing movies. SO BORING. Tomorrow is a much needed day off, followed by the in-service day. I got my grades and credits entered, so basically, I’m bored, I’ve got nothing to do. I’m Really bored. I have the beginnings of an ear infection, I think. It’s one of those pains in the top of your throat, depths of your ear. I can’t really tell yet, I just know I don’t like it. The fact I’m so bored leaves me nothing else to do but focus on the pain. Really, I can’t believe they require kids to be here today. They’re not doing anything. The session has been eunofficially’ over for 3 days. We’re just babysitting them. With 6 sessions, that’s about 18 useless days a year. I don’t get it.

I got a whole slew of things from a school in South Carolina. They need all this other paperwork filled out. I’m not sure the position is even still available. I think I am going to fill it out, even though, I doubt I’ll be offered a position. I still need practice getting all that paperwork together, so I’ll have it whenever I need it again.

The computer tech guys are switching our mail services, so we’ll use a different, newer, version of Outlook. I told them I don’t even USE the district mail, or my school mail address–but I guess everyone is getting it. I see it as a waste of resources. My computer works fine. I don’t need anything done to it, why mess with it?

I am always privileged to hear things I wish I hadn’t when I go to home school.
It’s part of the gig. Sometimes it’s entertaining, sometimes disturbing.

Yesterday as I sat in my chair attempting to help my student, I heard his mom, and her friends discussing dating. I’m not at all surprised this lady is single.

iYeah, I saw my first huzzzbin’ bendin’ over shovelun’ gravel in a pothole or sump’n and I said to —-, DAAAAAAAMN! ahmn’a marry that… I got get me some of that.i

Then they proceeded to discuss dating, and the flaws with seeing a movie.
“Yeah I tol’ em I didn’t wanna see a movie for the first date, cuz if it was a bad movie, then’ a’ whole date would be bad.”

“Maybe not, if it’s a bad movie, you got other things you could do to pass the time.”

I don’t even want to speculate what that might have been.

There was one lady there, I’m assuming was grandma, and she was doing her laundry. Talking about..

iYeah I done 3 loads, and didn’t even wash any of my foo-foo stuff.i

Foo Foo stuff? This lady was old, and the thought of her having efoo-foo’ stuff made me almost gag. Then I thought about said foo-foo stuff lying soiled at home, unwashed, and I did throw up a little in my mouth.

The other day as I finished going over the kids homework, he had to get his mom, who was locked in the bedroom with NASCAR ‘boyfriend’. (I think that’s who he is) I swear, when they came out there was evidence of hanky panky going on behind closed door. Here’s a note to parents.

When you kids are distracted doing homework with their teacher, it’s not acceptable to go try and get some. It’s just gross.

At least I get paid for this.

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