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Year 2 Day 57- Movin’ on up…

by admin on November 9th, 2004

We’ve got a problem at our school. It’s a reoccurring problem. A problem that is hard to deal with.

The problem is…

Once some kids at our school get close to graduation, they stop working. From what I understand, graduation presents problems for a few of our kids. When they graduate they’re no longer in school, and not eligible to receive certain state money. This puts pressure on the kid to stop doing work, and stay in school longer, and longer–so their family continues to get this money. Many times these kids go from averaging 12 credits, or more a session, to 3 or 4 a session–or less. They also look at graduation as taking away all their social interaction with their peers, and a place to smoke.

The lack of work that these kids complete leads to discipline problems. The fact they won’t work, leaves them to do nothing else, other than talk, and disrupt others. Our administration is such, that they never won’t expel kids, or do anything on the discipline side of things that solves these problems. SO what are we as a staff able to do to get rid of these clingers, who won’t graduate.

Well a few teachers have just started giving them the last 15 or 20 credits they need, without really doing anything to earn them. The kids show up one day and are graduated, and they never saw it coming.

I have a problem in just giving credits to kids who didn’t EARN them. I also have a problem with these kids just sitting in my class for 4 or 5 sessions, not doing ANYTHING, and causing me grief. I see the value in just getting them out. If we had a more proactive administration, this wouldn’t be a problem.

We don’t.

We’ve had 3 kids this year who have graduated very quickly. they’ve earned 15 credits in the span of a few days. I’m trying to come to grips with this being acceptable by convincing myself it’s the administrations fault for not doing their jobs.

It’s funny to watch happen though…

One girl came to school, sat doing nothing, got called to the office, came back with a dejected look on her face.

iWhat’s the matter?i one of her friends asked.

iI-uh-uh-I- Graduated.i She said with a perplexed look.

iReally?i Another said, iI thought you had like 18 credits left?i

iI uh-uh-I did too… I guess they-uh said they-um found some of my work that hadn’t been graded… uhm… uhm… well bye..I gotta go home now.i


It was pretty funny to watch. I still don’t like just GIVING credits to people for not doing any work. I’m trying though. These are predicaments unique to our school. Comprehensive high schools just send the kids who get too lazy to OUR school to solve their problem.

Hopefully I’ll be at one of those schools again someday.


Due to budget constraints in our district our campus will be moving again next year. The district is closing one of the under enrolled schools, and sending those kids to other district schools, and as a result they’ll close our campus, and move us to that, smaller campus up the road. I hope I won’t have to ever set foot on that campus. I’m trying to look at it as another step in assuring me that I’ll be somewhere else. If we’re having to move anyway, I’ll already have my stuff packed, and ready to leave.

I just won’t be going to their new campus.

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  1. Why bother waiting all that time before giving them the last 15 credits they need? Instead of a measly 15, why not just give them all the credits, and graduate them shortly after they start attending there?
    It would dramatically increase your school’s number of “successful graduations”.

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