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Year 2 Day 56-Lights, Camera, no Action.

by admin on November 8th, 2004

Session 2 is ending. Which means, due to the fact kids won’t start anything new, because they know they won’t get it counted for grades this sessionowe’re watching movies until Wednesday. Thursday is Veterans Day, and Friday is an in-service day–what a boring week.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do this Friday, but I’ know I’ll be bored–that’s a fact. I’ve been to countless in services, and rarely if ever, are they worth while. I don’t have any suggestions for a worth while in service either, they must be hard to think of.

I haven’t heard back on any of the resumes yet–Actually, 2 said the positions have been filled. I’m not sending out any more resumes until summer. I personally believe things in life happen for a reason. I don’t think I’d find a new job mid-year. It would require too much negative stuff to happen. I’d have to get out of my house lease, try and move during a holiday season, start a job mid-year, and leave here on potentially bad terms. I just think when the conditions are perfect, then I’ll find a new job. It won’t be this school year though.

That being said, I’d take a look at any school who called meobut in my heart, I know it’s not happening this school year.

I have a new student on Home and Hospital. For those of you who don’t know, H/H is a program that provides home school instruction for kids with medical leave. The child I currently have is bi-polar. I’m not sure this is a condition warranting he be schooled at home, but it’s up to the Dr., not me. I just go and do the work.

When I went to the kid’s old school, to get his work, and find out where to begin my instruction, none of the teachers had anything nice to say. They were ALL glad he was gone, ALL positive he was a total disruption, and completely unreachable. They made mom out to be a total enabler, meaning that it’s never the kids fault… always someone else. It wasn’t a pretty picture.


I don’t judge kids prior to meeting them, or based on what other teachers say about them. I used to, and others perceptions were always wrong when it came to me.

This kid isn’t as bad as his teachers made him out to be. He’s slow. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s easily distracted, and I could see how he’d be difficult when grouped with 20 other kids in a room. One-on-one, he’s not too bad. I need to keep him focused, and make sure he doesn’t try and get off topic. I have to help with the reading a lot, but he’s totally manageable otherwise.

We’re taking a healthy kids survey today. Prior to us taking it the VP went to all the classes and told the kids to mark that they don’t smoke ON school property. He told them that because in all actuality, they do, and it’s illegal. He said the area where they smoke is “off-campus.” It’s 2 feet off campus, and by law, you can’t smoke within about 200 yards of a school campus…If the state found out that 100% of our kids smoked on campus, they might think we promoted it or allowed it or something.

We couldn’t have THAT.

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