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Year 2 Day 36- Structured Criticisms

by admin on October 8th, 2004

I only have three things for you all today.

1) I noticed a few weeks ago there is a restaurant/cafE in this town called iBong’si. I’m not sure, WHAT this is all about, or who would name their cafE after a marijuana smoking device, but it doesn’t seem to be a joke. I’m going to try and find some answers, but as for now, it’s very confusing. The city already has this ‘druggie stigma’ attached to it, which is bad in itself. When you start naming places iBong’si, I’d say that doesn’t help the image much.

2) The local doughnut drive-thru store is slooooooow. There’s a sign that says ifastest drive-thru in town.i on the wall too, which makes it worse. I was early to work this morning, really early, I had to stop and pick up a video tape of the debates from my Dad’s house, and I decided, iHey, I’m early, I’ll get some doughnuts for breakfast.i I was considering getting a dozen, for the whole staff, then I thought, iHey I only like a few of the teachers, and the 3 or 4 people I wouldn’t buy anything for would end up eating all the doughnuts, and pissing me off, I’m not doing that.i Anyway, the damn drive through took me almost 20 minutes to get through, and I went from being early, to 15 minutes late.

3) Some kid kept complaining he was receiving istructured criticismi from a classmate. I said, iDo you mean constructive criticism?i He said, iyeah whatever.i

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