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Year 2 Day 34- The check is in the mail

by admin on October 6th, 2004

The resume is in the mail. It’s out of my hands.

My meeting yesterday was dull. I’ve come to realize that my principal says a lot without really saying anything. I told him my complaints with the direct instruction, and he never really told me yes or no about it? I was left wondering, if he even really understood what I said. He wants me to develop power standards for Government and Economics this year, I might. I guess what my power standards would be, are what I consider to be the most important aspects of each subject. They’ll be the things that I think every kid with no college aspirations should know in order to be a citizen.

The Stinky kid left a emanifesto’, or whatever it is, on our computer. He wrote something, that can only be described as disturbing. Apparently, our principal thinks it’s masterful work. It’s scary as far as I’m concerned. I’ll put up just a sample of it.

“You f***ing waste my time. You all f***ing waste my time. Why should I care? Why should I? F*** you. F*** you all. I’m sick of it. Sick of caring about the whole lot of you. You f***ing mindless faceless sheep. I once cared for you all. I once thought maybe this world would get better. It only gets worser. Day by day by day. You f***ing fools. F*** humanity. What has it brought me? Unacceptance. Grief. Heartache. F*** you. If I could fill this page with a million f*** you’s and still get my point across I would. But alas, that’s not how I do things. F***
you all suck. I hate you. Die. Die. Every one of you that can’t accept something. Die. I guess this includes me too. F*** me, as well. Even though I’m better than you, I’m not perfect. I WANT TO F***ING KILL SOMETHING”

This is a cry for help, I think. When we all end up dead here, this will be the warning sign CNN points too. The whole thing goes on to say he doesn’t care about anything, and uses the F’ word about a million more times. It basically says, he knows how he’s viewed by others, and doesn’t care. When I finished I thought to myself,

“Hey, he didn’t even care he smelled like Bigfoot’s dick?”

He’s graduated though, so I wish him well with his writing career, or whatever he does.

He just needs to know, I’ve been checking prices of houses in rural mountain areas, and their expensive as hell, so he might need to look somewhere in the south for a hermit’s hut to plot his world dominance.

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