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Year 2 Day 33- You’ll never see a better ship in your life.

by admin on October 5th, 2004

I was supposed to have a meeting today to discuss my goals and objectives for the school year with my principal. I know what long time readers are thinking, iHey, didn’t you do it last year?i

Yes, I did.

My principal FORGOT to turn in the paper work, so he has to do it again. I get screwed on it. This hopefully will be the meeting where I tell him I’m not doing that whole direct instruction thing. I think I’m adding egetting another job’ as a goal.

I wish I could.

I actually sent out a resume today. I’m not really happy about leaving a job mid-year or anything, but I need a full time art job. That will NEVER happen here. I don’t see how you could fault a person for doing that.

We had an argument in yesterday’s faculty meeting. The VP and one of the lady teachers started cursing at one another. It would have been awesome, if they weren’t discussing MY classes.

Friday, I left early to go to a wedding. The staff met to go over their session 2 class rosters, and look for compatibility issues between kids and certain teachers, or between certain groups of kids. It’s a decent idea, but I know how some of the teachers are, they go overboard. I just give every student the benefit of the doubt at the start of the session. What annoys me, might not annoy another teacher, and vice versa. I don’t need to be prejudice of a kid because one teacher hates him, and I’ve never even had the kid in class. If I have a problem with a kid, or group of kids, I just tell the VP, and he either takes care of it, or doesn’t.

Friday they wanted me at this meeting. I didn’t go, but I said I would drop of my rosters, so they could see how full my classes were, and not try and add anyone to them. I didn’t care what they were doing. Well the teachers made a lot of suggestions, and some changes to the rosters, and the VP was pissed because he’d spent all the time making the schedules. One of the teachers made a lot of suggestions on my rosters, so she and the VP were idiscussingi it. They were both saying that ‘I had said this’, or ‘said that’. I was in the room. They could have simply asked me. I didn’t even LOOK at my rosters. I don’t care that much about conflicts kids have with other teachers, to try and make a ton of changes. I’ll deal with it when it happens.

I hate speculating on stuff like that.

The female teachers who raised the biggest guff fails to acknowledge that the reason she has so many difficulties with kids, is because they all hate her.

I was supposed to have that meeting, but the Admin. is having some “intervention” with a kid. The funny thing is, it took them 3 hours to do what should have been done in 30 minutes. The kid is having runaway, and home issues. You call social services, and the problem is done. I have no idea how they handled it the first 3 hours. One of our other teachers finally told them to call social services, after the Admin. ran out of ideas, and approached him. I pictured my Principal looking over attendance schedules with the kid and her parents, and having lost all the important paperwork.

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