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Year 2 Day 31- …And by the way I thank you.

by admin on October 4th, 2004

Today is the first in a week of minimum days. The purpose of these days is to allow the elementary schools to have parent conferences. The high schools just have a longer required work day with no students, or parents. Today is also the first day of a new session… Session 2. Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

Two things, not even remotely related to this job.

1. In the song eThat’s what friends are for’ Stevie Wonder sings the line, i… and now there’s so much more I see… i How can he sing this with a clear conscience? He’s blind! There’s nothing he sees, ever. I heard that song at a wedding this past weekend, and was like iSo much more YOU see? No you don’t… .i I spent the remainder of the reception thinking up different scenarios regarding the recording of that song. Did the other people in that song laugh when he sang it? Did they just not have the heart to remind him, he couldn’t see? That’s what friends are for, I guessoTo let you sing about sight, when, in fact, you’re blind. My wife didn’t seem as enthused as me regarding this controversy.
2. If you’re going to jump the Shark, musically speaking, The Fat Boys should be required to be involved in some way. I was listening to The Fire Theft CD this weekend, recollecting when they were Sunny Day Real Estate, more specifically, when they were good Sunny Day Real Estate, before they became Sunny Day Shark Jumper. I thought to myself had they just put The Fat Boys on this Fire Theft album, I’d have known to stay away from it all together, and not waste one of my friend’s CD-R’s to burn it for me.

iDude, how’s that new Fire Theft CD?i

iFat Boys are on it… .i

iNever mind… i

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  1. Paco permalink

    I told you that Fire Theft CD wasn’t that great… It’s not total crap, but kinda close.

  2. Jess permalink

    “First the Fat Boys break up, now this …”

  3. Yeah, I thought the same thing about Ray Charles, when he sang

    “Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines” in “Georgia on My Mind”.

    How did he know what moonlight looks like – or pine trees, for that matter?
    I guess he could have; he didn’t go blind until he was seven… but come on.

    I would have to say that your criticism of Stevie is far more appropriate, though.

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