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Year 2 Day 26- Reality

by admin on September 27th, 2004

The end of the first session is fast approaching. My classes are pretty successful grades wise. I only have 4 students failing in art, out of 30. My economics and government classes are split. Half are passing, and half are failing. The half that are failing are really doing well at it [failing] too.

I hope I get all the same kids back in art next session. I like the classes, and would like to be able to continue their current course of learning. I know it won’t happen though. I’ll have 7 kids from session 1, and 5 new kids, and 3 kids who came in half way through the first session. I’ll never again have an entire class that’s all on the same page.

Reality Bites
Reality TV is coming to our campus, possibly. ABC is making a reality show about kids who get sent to one of those troubled teens stuck in the wilderness, scared straight programs. They offer them in Utah, Montana, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. If you have a child who doesn’t behave properly in school, is a pain at home, and basically going downhill fast, you call these people. They send a couple large men to your house in the middle of the night, and they take your troubled child away to one of these locations. For the next 40 days the kids survive in the wilderness almost totally alone, with only the bare minimum supplies, and human interaction. Somehow this shapes up their attitude. They call it a iwilderness experience.i

ABC sent us a letter asking us for some candidates for the show. It didn’t take long for the faculty to assemble a list of about 30 kids who we’d love to see, crying all alone, in the wilderness, soaked with rain, and eating 3 day old beans from a can. We did, however, narrow it down to a couple kids most deserving of this opportunity. It’ll remain to be seen whether or not they make the cut. It’d be pretty awesome though. I’d watch. Yell things at the TV like,


I had a student the other day who is from another local school district tell me that his English teacher (whom I don’t know) was giving him information regarding my personal life. I was a little shocked to say the least. I’ve never met this lady before, yet, she thinks it’s OK to just throw out information about me, whether she knows if it’s true or not. I got her e-mail address today and sent her a little memo regarding the whole thing.

Mrs. ______,

I was speaking with a student, _________ the other day, and he mentioned you, and some information regarding my personal life that you passed on to him. Let me inform you, I don’t appreciate that. I like to keep my personal life as such. I like ___________ just fine, but I’m not real comfortable with him giving me the 20 questions about my life outside of school. I’m not sure where you got your information from, or how you think that it is somehow acceptable to talk to students about me. I’ve never met you.

It kind of scares me honestly. From now on if you could just do me a favor and ASK me before you start commenting about my personal life, that would be SUPER. _____________ mentioned that you told him “you probably shouldn’t be telling him this…” when you started. You know what you probably shouldn’t have.


Wow. I can’t believe it. I looked up a picture of the lady on the Internet, and I have zero clue as to who she is. I thought originally it might have been someone I went to school with, or worked with in the past, but no. She’s some old lady, who I’ve never met. Yet she feels like she can spout off about me to a student. Unbelievable. I hope she finds my letter like a bucket of cold water in the face. I almost went to see her in person.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Who the heck is this lady?

  2. Jaimenacho permalink

    I dunno, I guess she worked with me for a year. I never have met her, or spoken with her. I guess in today’s society that’s enough to know someone though.

  3. Paco permalink

    Those wilderness experiences are crazy. I heard from many kids at my old job about them. One kid was in Utah pushing big mormon carts around the desert, another had to dig a hole to sleep in since she was being such a bad kid. I guess in general they are somewhat effective.

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