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Year 2 day 25- Power Stanards

by admin on September 24th, 2004

Today was our first staff in service day. This was not site specific, it was district wide. I spent the entire day sitting with the history teachers in the district discussing power standards. Yes, power standards. It’s the new buzz phrase of the year. Power Standards mean if we focus on a few key areas in the subject matter, instead of all of the standards, then our test scores will rise. This is making education focus on standardized testing, which is wrong. The presenter showed some statistics that the U.S. has 170%-300% more material to cover than countries like Japan, and Germany in certain subjects. This was the main reason for the U.S. ranking so low on the global averages.

I don’t disagree.

What really got me was, the whole presentation was focused on grades 6-11. I DON’T teach those grades in history. I teach senior classes, why was I there? It was so meaningless for me. I drew the entire meeting. I drew an awesome pumpkin, and a monster truck picture. I also ate a lot of free candy that was lying around to help keep us coherent for the day. A few times I even did the robot to entertain the other teachers who were misplaced at this meeting. I felt bad, because I was totally not interested in the meeting, and the speaker KNEW it, and kept glaring at me, but I just couldn’t get into it. I tried to find anyway to get out and go home, but it was impossible. I was stuck there the entire meeting.

It was a horrendous day. I would have rather been with the kids, or moving.

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