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Year 2 Day 20- Busted

by admin on September 17th, 2004

Last evenings ifestivitiesi were better than I expected. I didn’t enjoy myself, I knew that was going to happen, but we did have about 25 parents there, which might be a new record. I heard a funny story about one of our former students while I was there.

This is good.

We had a student who was taken to jail sometime last week for having a dirty drug test. He was going to be locked away for at least three years. His grandparents, whom he lived with, had PLEADED with the judge for ONE more chance, and somehow he got it. Well yesterday his grandpa showed up to pick his grandson up from school. We had to inform him that he’d been thrown in the slammer last week. I guess they [grandparents] had left him with his idadi while they went away for a weekend, and he decided to get all hopped up on smack. While the geezers are away, the cat’s get all hopped up on blow.

The story gets better.

While he was being carted away in cuffs, another cop showed up with a video surveillance tape from a local robbery. One of the suspects in the video was identified as our student. The funniest part is HOW, he was identified. I guess he thought having a CAST on his arm wasn’t a distinguishable mark, or something. He robbed a store with a cast on, and no mask. The local Sheriff’s officer put it the best. iThank god most criminals are stupid, or else we’d be in some serious trouble.i

It’s sad. I hear about all these crimes that happen locally while listening to the radio while I drive to school each morning. I just know it’s one of our students past or present that is responsible. Thursday I heard a story about several local youths who burglarized cars at a movie theatre parking lot. I hadn’t heard anything about it being one of our students, which was a shock to my system. It made me happy though, I thought, iWow maybe our kids are getting better.i

Then last night I had this conversation, after hearing about our student with the cast.

iWow, I thought you were going to tell me he was the one stealing things out of those cars at the movie theatre. I was glad that it wasn’t one of our students for once.i

Our VP’s response, iOH you know who that was don’t you?

Then he proceeded to run off the names of 2 current students and 2 former students, who were involved with the crime. I knew it was too good to be true.

I’m taking two days off to move, so I’ll have my first substitute experience to report on Wednesday.

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