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Year 2 Day 19- Odor Eater.

by admin on September 16th, 2004

I showed up to work today only to find out that we have back to school night TONIGHT. This is not good. I like the concept of back to school night. It’s a great way for parents to meet their children’s teachers. The only problem IS, the parents here for the most part don’t care. One student summed it up pretty well.

iMy mom don’t care about meeting the teacher, she only cares about the report card.i

This is an unfortunate circumstance that happens too often in our system. If the grades are at a parents level of acceptance, they don’t bother to care. If they expect little Johnny to get all C’s, and he hasall C’s, and some B’s, well he must be doing fine, and everyone is doing their job. When he starts receiving D’s or F’s, then they want to get involved. Our school, for the most part has parents who expect their kids to get D’s, that’s what they’ve always gotten, so they aren’t alarmed with D’s on report cards.

I would guess that some of these parents are embarrassed of themselves, and don’t come as a result. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being dumb. Whenever you converse with smarter people, your intelligence level is made into a glaring example. If I was reading at a 4th grade level, missing multiple teeth, smelly, and just an overall model example of a non interested parent, I’d probably decline to go eback to school’ as well. It’s really depressing. We have approx. 140 kids here, I bet we see 15 kids and their parents this evening. Even after we offer free pizza, soda, and Ohm credit of electives for coming. I still have to show up, and put my little art presentation up. I’d rather stay home. The 15 kid who ARE here are only after the pizza, and the credit, their educational future is not even a factor.

I finally broke down and gave stinky the two credit he needed to be done with Government. I could no longer handle the noxious fumes he produced. He only earned probably 1 of those credits, although he did do the class time equivalent of 2credits. The paper he turned in was highly flawed, and poorly written, substantially better than 90% of the kids, but not real good none the less. I could only deal with so much though. I’m human. The smell of rotting flesh, or whatever it is, makes my skin burn and itch, and my head hurt. Hearing the other kids complain all the time about the foul odor in my room got annoying too.

I tried to converse with the VP about it. I told him, if that kid shows up to school reeking like a dirty pair of skivvies again, turn his ass around and send him HOME. He said no, and that the only way to get him out of my class was to give him the 2 credits he needed. iHe’s close enough.i I said, and marched into the office and gave him his 2 credits.

If the administration is not going to help me, then there’s nothing I can do. I’m buying some sassy sea smelling air fresheners this weekend to make the room smell pretty again. I told the teachers in the faculty room today that, iI’d seriously rather have someone take a s*** on my desk then smell this poor kid.i

I have to finish setting up my display for this evening, go have my second round of acupuncture, then come BACK out here and sit for an hour and a half, eating pizza, and shaking hands with a couple parents.

I’m taking 2 days off next weekend. I’m moving into a rental home, and well, I need all the time I can to move. Moving sucks. I’d rather work. The important thing is that I’ll be all packed up, and organized so that next year, when I’m moving on to greener pastures, the next move will be far easier, and less time consuming. The important thing is that I finally decided to move on. I know now, that I like teaching, and I need a full time art job. If this district won’t give it to me, then they’ll have to sit back while I go turn some other high school’s program into a success. I can tell you now. I’ve seen my Art 1 kids projects, and they’re just as good, if not better than any of the other comprehensive high schools in our area. I’m going to make someone’s program top flight, it’s just a matter of who wants it.

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