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Year 2 Day 15 and 16- R.I.P. Headband

by admin on September 10th, 2004

-Its only mere hours until I get my needles on. I’m nervous, but more excited that it might actually improve my mood, and headache.

-Headband is no longer at this school. Apparently, smoking reefer in the closet of a teacher is breaks his contract. It was a sad and quiet day as a result… actually, it ruled, I made like Depeche Mode and ‘enjoyed the silence.’

-A black student in my class today called me eJewish’ today as an insult. I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with that. I’m not Jewish, or Catholic, or Hindu, so it wasn’t offensive to me in that regard. I was offended by the meaning he put behind it, and how it would’ve offend people who really were of the Jewish faith. I wrestled all day with WHY a black kid called me Jewish? I was going call him a honkey, just to be absurd, but decided against it.

-Our principal is making sure we stay at school for the entirety of our contract hours. 8-3:10. I guess the Superintendent is looking out for people leaving early. Funny, the people he was after were leaving like 4hours early. I think that’s a bit different then moseying out 5 minutes early on a Friday. I don’t see a problem leaving early, if you’re work is done, and someone knows you’re leaving. Who wants to sit at work when there’s nothing to do?

-Kids here are totally overwhelmed by the thought of college. They asked me today what type of degree I had, how I got it, how long it took, etc. I went into the basics of how long each degree takes, and the requirements for each (roughly)

iScrew that!i was the reply they all had. They don’t want to work for anything, there’s no satisfaction in these kids for putting long hard work into something, then reaping the rewards. They want the most bang for the littlest investment.

iAn AA degree takes 2 years? No way.i

There’s more evidence as to why we don’t have kids going to college.

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