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Year 2 Day 13 and 14- Smokin’ In The Store Room

by admin on September 8th, 2004


Today was pretty dull. I wrote 4 referrals. They were the first 4 of the year, which was pretty eventful in and of itself. I had a kid hanging out the window yelling at the ‘little trouble makers’ class while they were on break. (The little trouble makers class is the elementary/Jr. high version of our school. It is located on our campus as well. It is also referred to as elittle criminals’ , **HS Jr. High, or little dirt bags, etc. You get the idea.) The teachers aide for that class, whom I don’t really care for, walked into my room to inform me of my student hanging out the window. It was the last minute of our class, when the kid did it, but the lady has no real idea of what goes on outside her little world, so she assumed it was in the middle of class. She made it seem that I had no idea it was going on, and she was bringing me breaking news with the story. I had already dealt with it, and was going to write and run the referral up on break. The culprit was the kid with the headband… that’s a surprise, I know. The good thing is that because of the referral I wrote, he is now on a contract. If he gets 6 credits or less this session, or 3 referrals he’s gone from school.

I’m pretty sure he’s not going to meet his contract.

The administration should just save themselves the trouble and kick him out now. He has 4 classes, and 2 of them are mine. He’s not doing ANY work, so isn’t getting any credits. I can smile knowing that at the very most he’s down to three weeks. The other referrals were for kids not making any effort.

Other than that the day was mild. I had a headache all weekend long that persisted through the day, and made me to be highly irritable. I’ve decided that acupuncture is worth a shot. I pay $800 a month for medical benefits, I might as well.


Headband got caught smoking reefer in a teacher’s closet today. I should say he was highly suspected of it ( you can add your own budda dum dum pssssh). He was late to my class because of it. I marked him tardy, which wasn’t much, but all I could do. He was either totally high, or petrified of going to jail, because he was quiet most of both classes today. I was hoping to be able to get him the first referral towards expulsion.

My art classes still continue to work hard, and improve, which makes me happy. It’s been four years now and this is the first time I can honestly say, I have work that isn’t total garbage. Keep in mind there is no writing involved. If I had them write a story or answer questions, they’d go right back to the old familiar crap. There are a few kids here this year who seem too smart for our system though. I suspect they might be government spies, trying to see if we’re eleaving any children behind. I have no proof yet.

I have a new student in one of my classes in the morning. He already pissed off the pregnant girl. (This pregnant girl’s father called today telling the school to keep an eye on her because she was fighting. I’m no OB, but I’m pretty sure fighting provides unecessary stress on the baby. On the flip side of that, who would actually fight a pregnant girl?) I’m not sure exactly what he said, but I heard this reply.

iI don’t know who you are, but I already don’t like you… so shut your f****ng mouth.i

I may have paraphrased a tad, but you get the idea. I told the kid that for future reference it’s not wise in any means to piss off a pregnant woman. I hope he learns.

Our VP told me today he’s putting stinky’ kid in my room four periods a day until he gets his credits to graduate (which he needs fromMY classes). It’s designed to be motivational for me, to find work for him to do, and hurry up and give him credits. If the smell gets too awful, I may have to. He smelled like a gallon of cologne yesterday, which wasn’t pleasant, but different. He stunk today though. I’m not sure if it’s his bathing habits, his clothes, or if he’s rotting… but that kid has something wrong.

I made my acupuncture appointment for Friday. The lady said it wouldn’t hurt. We’ll see.

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    You had better be planning on posting pictures of yourself with a noggin full of needles.

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