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Year 2 Day 12-When two tribes go to war…

by admin on September 3rd, 2004

In the grand scheme of things, as rowdy and obnoxious as kids usually are on Fridays, I’m totally thankful I’m not being held hostage by rebels from Chechnya. It’s terrible when warring factions have to resort to suicide bombings, and hostages in the first place. Involving children is just wrong. Why couldn’t they make the same point by taking a government building hostage? If you’re trying to get the world to sympathize with your plight, taking children hostage and killing them won’t work.

I’m trying to show our kids a lot of the footage, and hopefully get through their heads how fortunate they are.

There was a girl fight today and I missed it. I’m pretty upset about this. Girls don’t mess around, they go for sheer gore. A teacher tried to break it up and got kicked a few times. I can’t believe it when teachers try for the ‘hero’ role, or the ‘great peace keeper’ bit. Give up. This is how you tell if a teacher takes things too seriously, or too personally. If they are willing to get smacked around by two kids fighting they’ve got issues.

I told her. “I’m not willing to break up a fight, because I might get hit, and then I’d snap, and beat the crap out of some kid, and I’d get in trouble…not the kid.”

That being said, I’m not going to let a student kill another student, If the fight is grossly one sided, I might do something.

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