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Year 2 Day 11- pinching more than an inch, and near a foot

by admin on September 2nd, 2004

Captains Advice


If you consider yourself a good friend could you please follow this advice. If one of your friends is wearing clothing that is unflattering, or down right disgusting, could you let them know. Why would you let one of your huskier friends wear a shirt where their Buddha is hanging out for the world to laugh, and barf at? It’s totally vile, and not a part of my job description. This mainly applies to ladies, but I think it could go for everyone.


When you wake up in the morning and dress yourself. How can you look at your unsightly chub drooping out of your size 2 tank top, and go out the front door? It’s gross. You should ask someone neutral if you look acceptable, someone honest. If anything beyond Ohm inch hangs over your pants, it’s unacceptable to show off. If you have a Ohm foot of flubby, pooching out for the world to see, it’s unacceptable.

If you see someone at your work with this problem. Let them know… be discreet, but let them know. It’s important to destroy self-esteem in these cases. It’s obvious they have too much. A little humility never hurt anyone.

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