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Year 2 Day 9- Keeping the pimp hand strong.

by admin on August 31st, 2004

Other than the extra large fire burning about 2 miles away from here, today was pretty uneventful. It’s impressive to see flames shoot 50 feet above the tree line.

I read an article in the paper today from a columnist who was placing the blame of lowering graduation rates on administrators and school boards. I’ll admit they deserve some the blame, but not all of it, and certainly not the majority of it. Today, free of charge, I will give you a list of who’s to blame for our screwed up schools.

1) Parents. If you don’t take care of your kids, and their needs, you’re screwing up their future. Your kids are YOUR responsibility.
2) Government. If you want higher test scores, allow for budgets that meet the needs of every type of child. Make sure our schools are supplied with what they need, and some extra so they can do above and beyond. Students need aides, supplies, specialists, etc. These things don’t just happen, it takes money, legislature, etc. If we devoted some of the money we spend to run around the desert in Iraq looking for non-existent missiles on our schools, we’d be more successful.
3) Kids. Teachers can’t make kids want to learn. Teachers can’t keep kids who shouldn’t reproduce from having more babies. The really smart and motivated students are seldom the ones dropping out to have kids. Teachers can’t make kids do their homework, stay awake in class, ignore what they deal with the 16 hours a day they aren’t in school, try on their tests, etc.
4) Administrators and School Boards. These folks are dictated by state standards, legislation, etc. They hire people based on needs, requirements, and budget. If the state is requiring them to have this certain program in place, it’s usually at the expense of something like supplies, or other programs. Enrollment is declining in a lot of districts, so that means money is as well.
5) Teachers. Yes teachers are the last to blame. Are you going to find some morons that teach poorly? Yes. By and large teachers do the best they can with the low budgets they have, an incredibly varied array of students, standard requirements, testing, etc. Teachers have very little control of what goes on outside their room… and 99% of the time they can’t control what comes into it either.

That’s the order blame should be placed for our lower achieving students. The article listed approximately 30% failure rate in schools. I told him I was pumped up if 70% of my students succeed. Generally speaking a 70% success rate is pretty good in everything, except surgery, and free throw shooting. If you’re a quarterback who completes 70% of his passes, you’re good. If you bat .700 you’re amazing. If you get 70% interest on investment, it’s fantastic. If you have 10 kids and 7 of them go on to be a success… That’s pretty sweet.

This year will mark the first year I make LESS money than I did the previous year without doing any less work. Our insurance prices went up about 15% this year. Our salaries have not. We haven’t had a C.O.L.A. in 4 years. (maybe more) We’re supposed to want to do more at work when we’re making less money? The last time I checked the prices of everything else in the world weren’t going down. You can work at Taco Bell and not lose money year by year. It’s ridiculous, and I’m getting more pissed day by day. If we don’t get compensated soon, I’m going to be taking A LOT of personal holidays with my sick time.

If I was a pimp and the district was my hoe, there’d be some serious slapping going on.

I want my money.

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