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Year 2- Day 8- It’s OK to smoke, if you’re on fire.

by admin on August 30th, 2004

We have a faculty meeting coming up today. I plan on starting my crusade against smoking on campus. There’s a big part of me doing it because I really think it’s absurd that it even occurs, and a part that’s doing it just to piss everyone off, and start trouble. I was thinking more about it, and if I were a parent, and I found out a school was letting kids smoke, in a designated area… I’d be pissed. My idea is; if you don’t discourage it, you promote it. I know our parent sector here probably all smoke, and 99% of them don’t [I doubt] care if their kids do, but still.

I worked this weekend setting up my son’s preschool. It made it a lot more obvious to me the importantance of parents taking an active part in their kids education. I think a lot do when their kids are young, but for some reason the older the kid gets the less the parent participates in the process. It was good to see the parents of every kid at the school involved in making it work. It’s a Co-op preschool, so we’re required to participate, but that’s not a bad thing. I got stuck painting the building. I thought the job was awful, until I saw the guy shoveling out the sandbox, then I felt better about the painting.

Monday was just fine. The kids all worked quietly, and I didn’t have any unusual or out of the ordinary discipline problems. The kids who talk too much, talked too much. The kids who worked quietly, worked quietly. It was a typical day.

I talked with a friend over the weekend who had a rough day substituting, and was ready to call it a career. One nice thing about substituting is he’ll never have to work there again if he chooses not to. I don’t think substitutes feel comfortable enough in the power they have. If you’re a good substitute, that kids generally like, which I’m sure he is… you have a lot of power. There are so many BAD substitutes out there that kids don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a decent one. If you threaten them with leaving…I guarantee they’ll change. Say, ifine If you can’t respect me, and what I want out of you, I’m out of here RIGHT now.i Call the office, tell them you need a replacement sub. Or call one yourself. Get the number for the WORST sub in the district, the one the kids hate the most. Threaten to call them in, I bet there will be positive results.

I brought up the smoking issue in our meeting today. I think most people agreed with me, although it was late in the meeting, and most people didn’t want to deal with discussing it at that point. I don’t think anyone on our staff really sat down and thought about how ridiculous our policy on smoking is. I set the ball rolling on having it removed from our campus, at least during certain times. It’s a start.

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