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Year 2 Day 7- Captain’s gonna kick you out.

by admin on August 27th, 2004

Week one ended. I enjoyed it. I think having these art classes rejuvenated me. I’m getting the results I want, and I like it. I just wish I could keep these classes all year long. I’m not looking forward to having ALL new kids in 5 weeks. It’s impossible to build up rapport with them in 6 weeks. You just start to understand the kids, and then they leave. You have a new class that is a mix of kids who took the class the first semester, and new kids. You can’t teach anymore. There are 7 kids who are in the logical procession of assignments, then some who haven’t done any. You’re forced to do things like split your class into those on assignment 5, and those on assignment 1. It rules out direct instruction, and creates this weird class chemistry. There’ now two different classes in the same room. Art 1 kids on week 7, and art 1 kids on week 1. I’m for giving us the same kids all year long. If they want to push us towards direct instruction, then at least give us the same class all year long.

I like the progression of my art classes, I don’t want them changed after 6 weeks. I know I can make damn good artists out of these kids in a year, if they stay. If they leave after six weeks, who knows if they’ll come back. They might leave before they get their confidence up. They’ll leave frustrated, and not wanting to come back.

I guess I should just be happy I like my classes, and feel comfortable teaching them for once.

I actually lectured in all four classes today. One didn’t go well. The kids sat and listened, but they wouldn’t participate, or do anything. They sat and stared at me like I was spitting fire. Granted it was government, and I hate that subject, but I know I’m a little bit better speaker than the blank stares I received.

I made a great decision today. I kicked headband out of class. It was so awesome. I’d finally had it with his talking, and I just told him his new seat was outside. The class was pleased too, and as a result we had quiet work taking place, and great discussions.

I felt good this week. I just hope I can get by the next 35 with the same attitude.

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  1. paco permalink

    Good to hear that things are getting better, and that the head band is currently seated outside, too bad it wasn’t 110 outside…

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