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Year 2 Day 6- Band of the Headband

by admin on August 26th, 2004

The honeymoon period is starting to wear off. I have 3 or 4 kids I’m going to start pushing to get rid of. They’re not terrible kids. They just don’t do anything, but talk.

One child in particular drives me nuts. He’s the same one who was tackled by the female police officer. He tried to convince me today that,

iSome people think I can’t work and talk at the same time, but see, I can… look I did some work.i

iCaged monkeys can do that much work in a class period. You would work so much faster if you DIDN’T talk. It’s not so much that you talk, it’s what you talk about that irritates me.i

He didn’t ever shut up.

This kid also for some reason wore a headband to school today. I’m not up on current fashion trends, but I’m pretty sure wearing a headband is off limits unless your John McEnroe, or a rapper.

iWhat’s up with the headband?i I asked him

iWha- what’s wrong with it?i

iIt makes you look like a goober. The least you could have done is wore the matching wrist bands.i

iThe other kids don’t have a problem with it do you guys?i

Silence. Followed by the other kids uncomfortably looking at walls, and school work as to avoid eye contact, and having to admit that he looks like a dork.

I told him for his sake, he should leave the headband at home. I am providing a headband free environment.

Today was our first blood drive. The blood drive (as I’ve mentioned before) is where we do our civic duty, and round up as many kids as possible to donate blood. It’s a mess. Kids are going in and out of class ALL day long.

iI need to go give blood.i

iI didn’t sign up, can I go sign up.i

iCan I go see when I give?i

iI need more cookies and juice.i
iDude, I ain’t givin’ blood… .go get me some juice and oreos.i

iI need to go home. I don’t feel good.i

It’s like this all day. You can’t really get anything done. The room is in constant disruption.

In art today I had a small issue.

We’re doing a lot of shading projects. We’re learning to shade the old fashion way- with a pencil. We’re not using any blending devices to help. I think they serve a purpose, but you should learn how to do it the difficult way first. Just because you can drive a Geo Metro, doesn’t mean you can handle a Formula 1 car. If you can drive a Formula 1 car, chances are you’ll be just fine driving the Hyundai around town. That’s the theory behind the assignment anyway.

I overheard the ‘smokes when pregnant’ girl say the following.

iIn a real art class like they have a the other high school, we can use shaders there. Seriosuly, everybody uses shaders… it’s so much easier.i

I told her basically, that this was the better way to LEARN how to shade, you didn’t LEARN anything by using a blender. Her response.

She said iCOOL.i Then made little quotations with her fingers. I’m not sure what the hell that meant. I know it was sarcastic though. On the bright side I have 3 or 4 pictures that look awesome so far. It’s good to see some quality work. I get all pumped up to teach during art, then the wheels fall off during Economics and Government. I realized how much I hate those classes. I actually start getting depressed about it the minute I open my door in the morning.

When I realized that I do like teaching, and I like teaching art. It makes me more aware of the fact I hate Economics and Government. I can’t teach those classes. I don’t like them. It’s glaringly obvious everyday how much I don’t like them. It just solidifies the fact I need to move on, away from here. I don’t care too much what type of school it is, just that it’s ALL art classes.

After headband gave blood today, he spun around in circles in my room. I let him do it. I was hoping he’d get too dizzy, fall, and bash his head open, it didn’t happen. I would have made him use his headband to stop the bleeding.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I’ve been predicting the headband’s triumphant return to fashion for a long time. I think you should applaud the youngster for his good sense, and possibly start wearing one yourself.

    You might consider pegging your pants, too. That one’s long overdue for a comeback, as well.

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