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Year 2 Day 5- Captain’s gonna knock you out.

by admin on August 25th, 2004

One thing that makes our school unique is the amount of pregnant girls who end up here. One thing that becomes clearly obvious is the lack of information that these girls posses. I know that these girls lack a lot of information gathering techniques, because if they were any good at it, they’d have found out how birth control works. One girl, who was pregnant, and delivered her child (I discussed her last year) decided that because she had delivered a child, she was the new maternity expert in our school, and set about advising the other pregnant girls in class on ehow to be pregnant.’

iI smoked my entire pregnancy… .and didn’t take none of them pre-natal pills either. My baby turned out finei

The others girls seemed to be pretty confident in her advice. I bet it’s nice to hear from a professional that the bad things you like to do have zero effect on an unborn baby. We’ll see in a few years when her child is grossly under weight, suffers from asthma, and has several learning disabilities if she still feels the same way.

Today’s conversation of interest was from a young man who’d been apprehended by the police. Apparently he had marijuana smoking devices on his person and was stopped by the police as he was walking home one evening. HE freaked out and ran. The officer who stopped him works at our school on occasion, she’s a really nice lady. This being said, I don’t think she’s Marion Jones or anything. He had about a 40 yard head start. He was at the top of a hill. She ran him down in full gear, and tackled him. I’m not sure I’d admit that a female police officer, in questionable shape, ran me down, with a 40 yard head start, uphill.

I asked him iHow did you let her catch you? Didn’t you think about hiding?i

iShe’s fast.i

iYou mean to tell me, you have a half a football field head start on a lady with questionable running ability, and you’re already UP the hill, and you can’t lose her? Did you fall?i


iDid you walk?i

iNo. I hauled a**i

iWell apparently you didn’t.i

iI know (officer —) and I’m pretty sure on my worst day, if I was afraid of getting in trouble, I could out run her, or at least find a decent hiding spot.i

iI dunno… she’s fast.i

iOr you’re really slow… ..were you injured?i

iNo. She tackled me, and cuffed me, then threw me in the car. I was hella pissed too, I started banging my head on the windows and sh*t… i

iThat’s smart… cops HATE it when you beat your skull on their car.i

iYeah she threatened to tie my feet up to my hands… but I’d have kicked like hell if that happened.i

iNo you wouldn’t.i

This conversation spawned a whole slew of other conversations from other kids and how they were caught by the cops too. It made me realize a common bond between all our students. Smart people don’t get caught as much when they break the law. Our kids for whatever reason just break the law whenever they want, with no thought of consequences.

iI never thought I might get ARRESTED for doing this in broad daylight.i

My snappy comeback for the day was directed at a student who wore his pants somewhere near his knees.

iHey _____, your belt called, and its filing for unemployment.i

He didn’t get it, but his classmates did, and proceeded to make fun of him the rest of class. This same kid suggested we have teacher vs. student boxing.

iWhy?i I asked him, iDoes getting knocked out sound like fun to you?i

He didn’t say anything.

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