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Day 2- P.M. -the hustle continues

by admin on August 20th, 2004

We just had the luncheon we always have on the second day back. It was full of very tasty Thai/Asian cuisine. Seriously it’s the highlight of the year. Kind of a shame they put it at the beginning, because it’s down hill from there.

Students show up Monday, and really I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. I’m not really into lesson planning. One of the problems of education is that they teach you how to do all this stuff to be a teacher, and it’s doesn’t work for everyone. You get to learn all these methods and theories for a classroom when YOU are the student. The only way to learn anything real about teaching is to do it.

Not every teacher has the same way of using discipline.

What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for others.

Some teachers feel they HAVE to have lesson plans or else everything is going to fall apart. I for one am afraid of lesson plans. I used to make them. Someone told me they were what was done, that was the only reason I did them. I don’t like to be so set in a schedule that if something changes, my whole agenda is thrown off. When I kept lesson plans I’d find myself looking at them going; ioh well didn’t cover that, or that today, or that, uhm, didn’t do that… i Then I’d be behind… and never get things done.

If you don’t keep a schedule, or a lesson plan, you can’t get off track. That’s the way I look at it. I’m ready for anything. The disadvantage of a method like mine is that you can get off on tangents really easily. You can stumble through a lesson if you’re not prepared on what to say. For ME, I find that going in to things with a minimal plan is fine. The kids we have here are way too unpredictable to be in a rigid plan.

In driving back from lunch I realized that this area is really ugly. 75% of our schools in this district are located in what would be classified as low income housing areas. This area has some very nice neighborhoods, but you don’t really see them, and the schools aren’t located in them. The district officials don’t REALLY understand how much the ugly appearance of this area affects the perception people have about the schools. Just looking at the main part of itowni I would expect to see some kid with no shirt on fighting before I would expect to see a future scholar.

Fix the way the area looks, and the reputations of the schools will improve. Trust me.

The kids at my school are like Oregon drivers… generally crappy, and unpredictable. If you find a good one it’s rare… consider your self lucky, and let them know how good they are. (that was my random analogy for the day)

I’m trying to decide which way to face the desks… towards me, towards the board, towards the walls, towards each other in a circle… It’s the problem of the day for me.

I’m leaning towards facing them at the board. I figure if they’re not looking at me, they can’t watch me spying on them.

I know someone is thinking; “You sat around all day eating food, and trying to decide which way to face some desks…after you just had 3 months off, I feel REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYY sorry for you.”

Just wait until Monday.

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