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Daily School Journal Day 181- This is your captain speaking

by admin on June 7th, 2004

Well I guess today is sort of the end of an era. The Captain has finished his first year of blog duty so to speak. I can’t believe the year actually ended. There were days where it seemed like it was never going to end. Funny, it ended up going a lot faster than I thought it would, especially the last 50 days or so. I guess now that the year is over, I should do a retrospective of all I learned this year.

I learned a few things, probably most importantly I learned a watermelon can be used as a marijuana smoking device. I mean seriously, I had no idea. I learned that when all is said and done, it’s not so much the teaching profession I dislike as it is the clientele and the subject matter. I think I could be very happy, and successful in an environment that suited my talents better. I appreciate the kind of teachers that have a knack for this environment a lot more now. There is defiantly something special required in order to enjoy a place like this. Call me a snob or whatever, but I’m not cut out for this type of kid.

I stayed off of medication this year. I never really seriously considered taking anything to alleviate the stress this place causes, but I think life is more enjoyable to live if all the experiences you have good and bad aren’t dulled down by drugs and what not. The blog was my medication. I could turn to it to release all the stress, and frustration that came with my day to day duties. It’s good to have a place where you can basically scream and yell, and not really have to explain yourself. I put a lot of stuff down that in looking back will help me to look back on this experience, and recall somethings I would otherwise forget about.

Even though I don’t really like the subject matter I teach, I got a little better at teaching it towards the end of the year. mainly because I had to for my evaluation, but also because the longer you do something, the better you’ll get… that’s just the way life works.

I encountered about 170 different kids this year, and I enjoyed working with about 15 of those. Basketball was the one thing that allowed me to connect with some of these kids, and I’m lucky that we ended up having a team, it gave purpose to the last few weeks of the school year.

Even though the ship we sail here, at times, seems to be headed for the rocks, and the leadership seems faulty at best, we still made it through in one piece. I hope everyone here learned something this year, that will make next year better. I learned that even if I don’t really like some members of my staff, and there are times I consider taking a month off, they need me here. If the only thing I provide is the occasional comic relief, then on some level I’m sure that’s reason enough to stay. We all have something to offer this place that makes us valuable. Even if that thing is peeing on the floor. The last half of the year was a more piss free floor time for us. I’d like to think I had something to do with that.

This summer I’ll teach some classes for the local parks and recreation department, and perhaps substitute teach a little for summer school now and then. I hope to really focus on rest this summer primarily.

Next school year, all things remaining the same, I’ll be out here again, doing the same things I did this year. I’ll get the blog up and running again, just like this year, and hopefully add some more parts to it, to improve it. I know I’ll be going with all desks next year, and without tables, that’s a given. I’m going to focus more on getting projects I can put on the wall next year. I’d eventually like my room to be more presentable to visitors.

Well I’m about to shut the lights off on year 1 of the captain’s blog… I’m sure the next few months will fly by faster than this year seemed to, and I’ll be back grumbling and mumbling before no time. Hopefully over the course of the summer I’ll find rejuvenation, and come back ready to start my 5th year teaching continuing education. There is the off chance however, that I could get another job, and that’d be nice too. But if I do end up back here, at least I’ll come back with 4 brand new staplers.

This is your captain, thanking you, and hoping you enjoyed your stay, if you’ll be flying with us again, we’ll be ready for departure in about 9 weeks.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I’m kind of sad that the year is over. This blog has provided me with a good amount of entertainment, and has served as a continual reminder that I should appreciate the fact that I don’t work in a room full of jail-bound juvenile delinquents.

    Congratulations on making it through the year without going insane or bludgeoning anyone with a stapler. It’s going to be a long nine weeks, my friend, but you can count on us being here when you return.

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