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Daily School Journal Day 176- Hit list

by admin on June 1st, 2004

We have this thing called a ehit list’ it was designed by a few of our staff members to alleviate the “problem” children. We’re supposed to take time out of our schedule to make up a list of the top ten kids we’d like to see inoti return next year. The funny part is, most people couldn’t stop at ten. You get a list of ten pretty quickly. Then it’s like picking a sports team… you have to start weeding people out. It’s pretty hard to do. You find yourself saying things like

iThat kid is a real bastard… but THAT kid is a racist bastard… .hmmm… all that kid does is sleep in class and talk about dankie… .well I guess I’ll keep the kid who talks about dankie… at least he’s entertaining.i

It’s not fair.

The worst part about it is, we get our hopes up, thinking that these kids aren’t going to come back, and 90% of them do anyway. It’s not like they can just tell these kids iNo you can’t come back… i Unless they’re 18, or from out of district, we have nothing else to do. Needless to say its kind of stress relieving to put their names down, and see the other teachers have the same exact names. It’s kind of that feeling you get when you grade a paper, forget what you graded it, and grade it again 9 months later, and find out you gave it the same grade.


I’m still recovering from my cold. I’m down to just aches. My body just aches. I usually associate the aches with the hot and cold flashes of an infection. It’s weird to have the aches sans hot and cold flashes. Honestly, I kind of prefer the hot and cold flashes as well, they take your mind off of the aches. When you have just the aches, you’re kind of forced to deal with them.

I took Nyquil last night, for the third night in a row. I must say that stuff is pure evil. It’s like Ouzo on crack. It knocks me out, and makes me feel rested in the morning, which I guess is the point, but I can barely drink it. I line it up like a shot of really bad alcohol (I guess really, that’s what it is) I have a chaser of some sort of sweet soda right there next to it. I pound the Nyquil, then follow it with the chaser. (which was 7-up last night) Then I run around in circles make gnarly faces, and curse. I go lay in my bed for awhile, then I start seeing flashes of light, and before I know it I’m in a pain filled sleep where I wake up periodically in a sweat. Somehow it fades into a deep sleep, and I wake up feeling much better than I did the previous night.

I woke up sometime last night sweating, and mumbling the phrase.

iNyquil Haze running through my mind… i

Weird. Then this morning I woke up with Olivia Newton Johns’ Physical stuck in my head.

Thank God the year is almost over, I could really use the rest.

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