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Day 163- Big Fish Quotes

by admin on May 17th, 2004

You love it, You really do. It’s our educational system at its finest. IT’S QUOTES FROM FILM ESSAYS.

The movie is BIG FISH

iWill thought that all his dads stories were lies. Will ofund out that his dads stories were true. He found out by some old stuff in a shed.i (Ahhhhh the power of iold stuffi in a shed)

iThe moive was called Big Fish because that huge catfish was always swimming around and kinda magical.i (ok… .sweet)

iThe problem is son thinks everything Edward bloom says is a lie, made up, fake, son thinks all stories are too far out there, there fore can’t take fathers word.i (uhm, ok, I tink I get it… )

iThe movie was called Big Fish because it was about a little boy and his dream about a big fish. It’s his imagination that is a big fish… .i (maybe she was watching a different movie)

iThe movie was called Big Fish because I don’t know why… i

The Question was, How did Edward Bloom switch truth and reality in his stories?

ibecause things started making since… i (I wish your essay did.)

iEdward was always telling stories, William did not like that, nobody ever new if it was true or a story, but all of them were somewhat true and still parts were just a story.i (could you clarify)

iAll Edward did was stretch the truth from the real version. He did throw in a couple of lies but not to the extent that his stories were not true.

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