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Daily School Journal Day 164- It’s THAT KID time again

by admin on May 18th, 2004

All the issues surrounding ithat kidi came to a climax yesterday. I informed the entire staff that he was on the list to graduate from the regular high school program, and not the independent study program he was supposed to be in. Several teachers were upset, like me, and demanded we discuss it with the Principal and VP during our faculty meeting.

This was a good plan

When time came for discussion it was odd. There was one teacher who voiced her disapproval, other than myself. One teacher who was just as against it as me, just sat there, silent. One teacher started sympathizing with the VP, after he had told me he was upset about the whole thing. He just tried to help the VP feel better, because The VP started getting really defensive. It’s usually when you’re wrong that you become overly defensive, so he tried to sooth the VP. Suitcase lady just sat there, like she’d been kicked in the face a few times. The last two teachers sat there and didn’t say anything either. Thanks for the support my fellow colleagues.

Seriously, as educators, we’re constantly trying to get the government, school administrators, and school districts to do things for us. How can we ever expect to get unified for things like this when we can’t even support one another over something as obvious as ithat kidi

The final conclusion was that he would be graduating from the high school part of our school. I was NOT happy about this, and I made that obvious, but it didn’t affect anyone’s opinion. The two things that really got me were,

1) They discussed how student’s needed to take graduation seriously with the practices and whatnot. They wouldn’t be allowed to make a imockeryi of graduation. I turned to one of my teachers and said iSo it’s bad to make a mockery of graduation, but you can make a mockery of the teachers all you want.i I also think that allowing ithat kidi to even graduate makes a mockery of graduation.

2) The principal said we as a staff needed to support one another, and stand by the decision our VP made to let this kid graduate. I was pissed, because AGAIN it’s them saying you should support the guy who f*cked up, and NOT support the guy making a stand against what is right.

It just all pissed me off. My principal came and tried to talk to me about it, which I appreciate, but he’s not going to change anything, so really what’s the use. I mean what needs to happen here is; The VP needs to admit he screwed up, and fix it. He’s admitted he iprobablyi made a mistake. That’s the first step, now fix it. Ultimately it comes down to cajones, and who has and doesn’t have them.

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  1. Esperanza permalink

    They don’t want to make a mockery of graduation the same way Tonya Harding doesn’t want to make a skeptical of her boxing career. Pardon me, my eyeballs just rolled all the way out of my head.

    A similar situation is happening at my job. My boss is the only one with balls enough to speak up about the crap our executive director and finance director are trying to pull in terms of how our agency is run. Some of the other directors may support her outside the meetings, but when it comes to crunch time they generally sit on their hands and she comes off looking like a nutcase.

    People suck.

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