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Daily School Journal Day 161- The Return of “That Kid”

by admin on May 13th, 2004

That kid is a subject of debate, yet again. I mentioned previously we had a meeting, and discussed the fact everyone objected to him being allowed to graduate. The icompromisei we reached was, that he would be put in a different program. His diploma would be from an independent study program, NOT from our high school. To me it wasn’t acceptable, but I made the deal strictly to avoid further conflict. I just saw the graduation program for our school. His name is on the list of graduates from OUR school, not the Independent study program.

This leads us back into this whole debate again. The way I look at it is either

A) They REALLY want teachers to boycott graduation, and sober graduation.
B) They just listen to what we have to say, tell us they’re fixing it, and then do what they want anyway.

Either condition is NOT good.

I left a nasty note on my principal desk. We’ll see how/if he responds.

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