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Daily School Journal- Day 160 – How Gaia can you get?

by admin on May 12th, 2004

During my lunch times, I’ve been spending a lot more time in my classroom.
I just got sick of sitting in the faculty room listening to conversations between people I’m not real good friends with. Most of the people I associate with don’t hang out there much.

There is a group of kids who has started using my room as their lunch time hangout. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t let them in my room, ever.
With the penny war going on, I use it as a chance to raise some extra funds. I charge them cash to sit in my room. The cash all goes to charity so to speak, so it’s not like I’m pocketing the money.

These kids all get online, and goto some online role playing game. They seem to live it. They’ve taken on fake identities, and created all these virtual scenarios. It’s taking geek-ness to levels unheard of. I’ve told them several times.

“You DO realize you’re total geeks, and you’ll never find girlfriends playing online games, right?”

“I have a girlfriend.” one of them says.

“Fantasy world girlfriends don’t count dude…sorry”

In these virtual worlds they shop, fight, goto school, and talk trash all day long. I don’t get it. It causes them to get overly excited, and start talking in cartoon voices. If ever I needed to feel better about myself, these kids are the way to help me do that.

They are like the guy from Electric Dreams only 100 times worse.

It’s like the things they experience virtually are their reality.

It’s the sad, sad life of a Gaia Forum Gangster though….

I guess we can sleep well at night knowing there is no chance of them ever having any children of their own, other than virtual ones.

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