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by admin on April 30th, 2004

A Penny war is a fundraiser.

The main concept is to raise money for a specific purpose, in this case sober graduation. The competition last for three weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks, all the money raised will go to buy things for Sober Graduation.

The idea is for every class to get a jar. The jar is sealed so you can’t take stuff out once it has been deposited. The competition is run during 2nd period. The 2nd period class with the highest score at the end of the 3 weeks gets an ice cream party. The score is determined as follows.

+1 point for every penny in your jar
-5 points for a nickel
-10 points for a dime
-25 points for a quarter
-100 points for a dollar.

So basically, the idea is to get as many pennies as you can in your jar, and as few dimes, quarters, and dollars. Kids from other 2nd period classes can come in and put silver change in your jar to isabotagei you, and bring your score down. (This is where the majority of the funds for the fundraiser come from)

So the iwari has kids running all over school trying to put silver change in other 2nd period teachers jars, and pennies in their own 2nd period teachers jar.

It’s chaos.

The idea is to make it competitive so all the classes want to participate, and win. This hopefully results in a lot of money being raised for whatever event your raising the money for.

In most penny wars, all the jars are kept in one location. This allows equal access to every jar. Our penny war organizer made everyone of the teachers involved names like, General, Lieutenant, Major, etc. (I didn’t get to be Captain, which was sort of sad) She put flyers all over urging people to get excited about it, and basically started a trash talking war between classes, before the war even started.

We’ve had these wars in the past, and not made such a huge issue about them, and they went off fine. The organizer made flyers, started talking trash about the whole thing, who would win, etc. She also tried to make it ultra competitive, which led to very negative results.

I’ve mentioned this previously.

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