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DAILY SCHOOL JOURNAL DAY 151- WAR good god y’all, what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

by admin on April 30th, 2004

The Penny War is in full swing.

I’m still keeping my jar like Dick Cheney, in an undisclosed location.

I just had 45 kids in my room looking for my jar… with no luck.

This stupid fund raising competition has brought out the ugly side of every teacher here.

I’m being discussed in nasty ways when I’m not around.

I know it.

I could care less though.

I had to hang up on a teacher today. She keeps calling me, and trying to change rules on me, so I’ll lose.


This “fund raiser” is really a bad idea. I’m guessing by the way things are going this WON’T be a competition we ever have again.

My problem is I’m way too competitive. I HATE to lose. I can stand not playing a game, because then I’m not competitive if I’m not involved. My issue comes about when people start challenging me, and making me WANT to get competitive… then you’re in big trouble.

I will win. It’s THAT simple.

The Penny war IS on.

The problem is, the person who MADE the war, makes the rules, and constantly changes them to fit her current situation. They can’t find my jar, so they made me a new jar.

This is the equivalent of a country creating a new country, calling it by the name of the country they can’t fight, and then attacking the new made up country.

(if that makes sense)

I’m just going to restate my position… THIS PENNY WAR IS STUPID.

I pretty much won’t be able to actually win, because they’ll make new rules or do something to prevent me from winning.

I told my kids, “Screw eem. I’ll just buy them Ice Cream all the time and we’ll sit and eat sundaes, while they beat themselves up over this stupid war.”

I’m going to by some boxes of tissues today and put them in the other teachers boxes, so they can dry their eyes from all the crying they’re doing.

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