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Daily School Journal Day 147- Up, Up, and AWAY

by admin on April 23rd, 2004

The time is near at hand where I will board a flight and head to San Diego.

I hate flying.

It’s not so much a 9-11 thing as it is a long way to fall thing. 35,000 feet is a long way to fall, for anyone. I just don’t need that much time to think about my death. People always say, you’ll pass out before you hit the ground… how do they know?

I have gotten a new Home and Hospital student. He’s new for me this year, but I had him last year as well. I’m not sure he’s been discussed on here before, there’s some issues in going there.

1) Lizards. The kid is a lizard freak. He loves lizards. He lets them just wander the house. It’s hard to focus on teaching someone when there is a bearded dragon loose in the living room.

iIt bites, so don’t touch him.i

Not a problem. Seriously, not a problem at all.

I have no idea why lizards would be allowed to run free in someone’s house.
They have a Chihuahua and a cat that live in the house as well and fight with the lizard… very bizarre. I’m waiting for the lizard to just thrash that Chihuahua one of these days. This doesn’t seem to faze anyone but me

2) LEVI-. They have this bandit dog that lurks in the front of the house. It’s one of those migrant farm dogs. The kind you see cruising at 50 MPH on the top of some late model Chevy in the middle of some field. This dog has one blue eye, and one brown eye. It’s constantly pissed. For some unknown reason it hates me, and my car. I drive down the driveway, and it attacks my tire with such ferocity that I can actually feel it biting the moving tire.

I partially ran it over one time, it did nothing other than further validate it’s hatred of my vehicle. I have to wait in the car for someone to pen it up when I go there, or else it WILL bite me.

One time I thought, hey it’s not that big of a dog, I bet he’s just happy to see my car.

I got out and he tried to bite me like 4 times, so I just stay in the car now.

2) Old Lady- There is some old lady who lives in a closed room and yells at the door, and other people wandering about.

iWHO’S there?i

iNobody Grandma.i

iDAMMIT I heard a door knock!!i

iIt’s not for you.i

iSOMEONE get that DOOR?i

iYES Grandma.i

iI heard the DOOR!i


it’s a little frightening.

OH well I don’t have to go there until Monday, until then I am going to San Diego to relax, and maybe learn something.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I distinctly heard someone at the door!

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