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Daily School Journal Day 146- San Diego here I come

by admin on April 22nd, 2004

I leave tomorrow. High Noon.

It’ll be good to get away from stress for a weekend. I’m still trying to recover from a minor cold I’ve had. I’m determined to not be sick this weekend. If I am sick, I hope it takes a couple days off, so I can relax a little this weekend.

I’m not too fond of the way they planned this trip though.

We should have left this morning. If you’re going to spend 150$ for a plane ticket to San Diego, you should try and maximize your time there. We should have had the option of taking a personal day off, and going today, so we could enjoy ourselves a little more. I think we would have all taken that opportunity.

I’ve done some research, and I can’ figure out what I’m going to do in the limited free time I have there… I tried to see about going fishing while I was there. San Diego even has a evening fishing trip available, unfortunately it doesn’t go into affect until the week AFTER I’m there.

The Padres aren’t in town this week. There aren’t any good concerts this week either.

I’m sort of stuck at the hotel I guess.

I read today that a German couple got in trouble for trying to hock their kid on ebay. I guess 3 people actually bid on it. It only got up to about 26 Euros. How bad does that mess with you as a kid? A bunch of old watch parts sold for 300$, and a live human couldn’t even fetch 40.

Thank goodness this is in Germany, if it were local I would bet money that kid would be at my school smoking reefer in a few years.

It’s officially the end of the 5th session, which means it’s movie time again in all the classes. Somehow we got Sister Act in my room. This isn’t very good. The only good part was this exchange that took place between two kids.

iWhat we watchin’?i

iSister Act..i

iSister RAP? What’s that abouti


iOh. Sh*tty.i

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