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Daily School JOurnal Day 144- Out with you.

by admin on April 19th, 2004

I hate being sick

I feel better today than I did yesterday, but I still fee l like crap.

It’s a short week. I leave for San Diego on Friday. I wish I had some sort of portable device to publish a running journal from San Diego. What I will do is bring a notebook, so I can write down impressions, and memories as they occur.

My 4th period class is annoying. 80% of them refuse to work. My day ends up with moving 2 of them to other seats, and 2 of them outside. It’s raining today. I feel better about letting them sit out in the rain.

Today helps me reaffirm that moving out the tables, and using only desks will be the best medicine.

I made the mistake of calling some kid Pee Wee Herman today, because frankly, he looks just like him, only without the grey suit. Now all the kids are calling him a child molester. He’s pretty mad, but it’s pretty funny though.

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