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Daily School Journal Day 143- ROCK ON

by admin on April 16th, 2004

It’s Rock and Mineral show time again. Every year our gym is taken over by a bunch of elderly people and their rock collections. It’s a very odd to have old people mixed with our current clientele. It’s almost comical at times. I can’t look at the Show without thinking of the old David Letterman bit. Dave’s Rock’s and Minerals. It had a song that I still remember for some odd reason. It only pops in my head once a year, and it’s always this time of year.

Dave’s Rocks and Minerals
Dave’s Minerals and Rocks
He’s got an awfully lot of them
He keeps them in a box.
It’s Dave’s Rocks and Minerals.

Stupid. I’m always amazed at how much stupid crap I remember.

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