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Daily School Journal Day 142- Afternoon Delights

by admin on April 15th, 2004

I’m getting rid of the tables next year and going with all desks.

Table allows for way too much conversation between people. I may see about getting all desks as soon as next week.

I used to be a strictly table guy, I think it’s the art teacher in me. I’m slowly losing any love for tables. They’re too messy, hold too much crap, and allows for people to sit on them too easily.

All desks next year.

All facing different directions.

All Right!!!

I think when things outside school aren’t going particularly well it makes me dislike my job here even more. It’s kind of sad how life is so interrelated. Home and Work SHOULD be separate places. They shouldn’t affect each other so dramatically. You should be able to have a miserable time at work then go home to peace. On the flip side you should enjoy your work enough to have it be a place where you’re not so dreading returning to your life outside of work.

On the unlucky chance both aren’t going particularly well, then you’re in my boat.

I feel like the last month has been overly burdensome for me in all aspects of life. Of course, most of life’s problems are centered around MONEY. I kind of want to hunt and gather again. If things keep progressing the way they are now, I may get that chance.

I truly will be Captain Cave-Man.

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