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Daily School Journal Day 140- So you wanna be the captain of this ship ‘eh?

by admin on April 13th, 2004

I survived yesterday, even though I thought we had it off.

A friend of mine told me to stop complaining because I had a week off. On one hand he’s right, a week off is really nice. On the other hand it’s not nearly enough time to recover from what you deal with all year long. Let me give an example for all you non-educators out there.

Take your profession, whatever it is, Doctor, Lawyer, Salesman, Web Designer, whatever.

Take a basic premise. You provide a service to your client.

That service is very different for each occupation.

There is one common factor however. The service you provide often needs explaining prior to it being provided.

If you’re selling something, chances are the person you’re selling it to would like to know more about the product, and what it does. If you’re designing a website for someone, the client most likely wants to know how you operate, what to expect from your service, what it might look like, etc. If you’re a Doctor, your patient wants to know what’s wrong with them and have the procedure that will be done to them explained. My job is no different really I am paid to explain things to people so they understand it properly.

Ok, now take that premise, and modify it like this; Let’s say your explaining a business plan to a client. That’s a pretty common thing for a lot of professions. You have your client and sit down one on one with them, or you may have your group and their group together for discussions. You discuss what you do, and how it’s going to benefit their business. (modify it to your profession)

The one on one may take some time depending on the mental capacity of the client. The fact that there is only one person to deal with allows you to have most of their attention, and be able to make your presentation with minimal outside distractions.

In a group presentation, each person presents to his or her strengths and sort of deals with things concerning his or her own field of expertise. If trouble arises then you have several colleagues there to back you up and help remedy the problems, and hopefully stay the course of your presentation. If you happen to be the one guy who makes large sales pitches alone, to a large group of clients, you probably make a lot of money because you can do that, and this scenario doesn’t apply to you, go away.

Ok now try to imagine if you had to make a presentation to 15-25 clients at one time. Each of these clients is from a separate business, although some of them may have worked in some of the other clients businesses for short periods of time. In other words, some of these clients are very familiar with other clients, for good, and for bad reasons. Now try and make your presentation.

How do you make your presentation knowing that all 18 of these clients need the information about your product presented to them in a different way so they understand it best? Ok now add in some other factors like, what if 15 of the 18 clients didn’t want to be there in the first place? Their bosses made them come, or they’d be fired. Throw in severe anger management issues on 7 of those clients, 5 of these clients haven’t eaten anything since lunch the day before. 7 of the clients could care less about what you say, they only want to smoke a J when you let them out for a break, so all they do is discuss that while you make your presentation. All of your 18 clients have been referred to your firm by the other firm across town because they couldn’t get through to them, and couldn’t handle these clients at all. Your boss tells you, you have no choice, you have to make the sale to these clients, there’s really no other firm for them to go to. Add the fact that every hour or so 18 or more new clients with the same issues come in for consultation, and those other 18 leave for the day. Throw in a bonus factor that all the notes and reports these clients write to show their respective businesses won’t make any sense at all, so it’ll make your presentation look totally faulty.

If that sounds like FUN to you, please come take my job. That’s basically what it’s like to be a teacher at a continuation school.

A week off is nowhere near enough time to recharge a battery that has been depleted day by day over the course of a school year. It helps, but it’s not good enough. Easter just passed, and while Jesus can rise from the dead in 3 days, Teachers can’t. It takes us 3 months of summer vacation to even come close.

That wasn’t a rant to try and make other people’s jobs look easy, it was just trying to bring a little of my job into other jobs. It was done purely out of fun.

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