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Daily School Journal Day 137- 14/15

by admin on April 2nd, 2004

The basketball itournamenti was actually a lot of fun. We did really well all things considerd. We went 2-1 on the day, and the one game we lost was only by 2 points. The referee is actually to blame for that loss, he wasn’t paying attention, and missed a horrible traveling call on a break away lay-up. It was the hop, skip, and a jump approach. Really we would have tied. It helps that our middle 3 have heights of 6′ 5i, 6′ 4i, and 6; 3i I know several high schools who don’t have that luxury. We blocked a lot of shots yesterday.

I was overly impressed with our kid’s attitudes. There was no fighting, very limited cursing, and it actually was fairly respectable basketball. One school had a few hooligans they brought with them. They had one poor kid who had a horrible case of short man’s syndrome. He tried to appear larger by rolling up his sleeves, and scowling a lot, but that didn’t help. He was pretty upset that the taller kids wouldn’t let him shoot. He tried to be aggressive with a few of the kids, it sort of reminded me of a Chihuahua trying to get it on with Rottweiler.

I actually enjoyed myself yesterday. I’m looking forward to the next itournamenti

I have some issues with my home school student. The issues are not so much with the kid, but his mother. I already explained my issues with her decorating skills. I have to add though I noticed a Ken Griffey Jr. Clock on the wall. It was a throwback to when he was still on the Mariners, a very classy piece. They also have a calendar that’s still opened to December of 2003.

Anyway, The mom finally came home and I was helping her son with his homework. We had some interesting events transpire.

iHow come you’re here so much?i
i I come every day.i
iWhy though.i
iSo I can make sure your son does all his work, and gets help when he needs it.i
iThey said it was gonna be an hour a week… that was it.i
iWell they were wrong.i
iHe ain’t gonna be here all the time you show up though… he got Doctor’s appointments and stuff.i
iWell just give me a call on those days, and I won’t come.i
iThey said it was gonna be an hour a week, that’s what I signed up for.i

When a parent complains that her kid is getting too much education, that’s totally wrong.
Why would you complain that your child is getting taught 5 days a week instead of 1? Most parents would WANT their kids to get more time with their teacher.
Why would you want your kid to get less help?

The best part of the whole event was when the mother walked by and looked at the fractions her son was working on and saw 14/15

iYou can make that smaller. I don’t know much bout that stuff but I do know that.i

It was really hard to keep quiet on that one. I wanted to ask her if she was serious. I also wanted her to reduce it for me, so I could see. Maybe she was speaking on a molecular level or something. The kid was looking at me with a really puzzled look on his face. I had to kind of give him the subtle headshake, that NO, you could not reduce 14/15, your mother is on all kinds of crack.

After she demonstrated her outstanding knowledge of 3rd grade math, she left again, to go smoke a J with the neighbors or whatever it is she does all day. I left there feeling more sorry for the poor kid, and more justified in being there everyday… God knows the friggin mom probably spent all night trying to help the boy reduce 14/15.

I’ve also learned a valuable lesson today.

I had two kids goofing off and shaking chairs at each other.

I said something to the effect of iHey Sigfreud and Roy, put the chairs down and stop taming imaginary tigers.i

Apparently juvenile delinquents don’t like being compared to gay tiger tamers.

Who knew?

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