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Daily School Journal Day 135- Eye Of The Tiger

by admin on March 31st, 2004

I’ve taken on a new Home and Hospital student. He’s painfully slow. I’m not really sure what his medical condition is, but it prevents him from doing anything apparently. His house has some very unique decorations. One of the best is, the living room has no lamps. The mom wants him tested for Dyslexia. I don’t think he’s Dyslexic; I think he just can’t see what he’s reading. No Lamps. None.

They have an American History X poster up as a piece of artwork in their house. It’s right next to the picture of the Last Supper. I’ve tried for a week now to discover a connection of some kind. They also have not one, but two eEye of the Tiger’ art rugs hanging up. The rugs are the style you see on the side of any fine roadway, or parking lot throughout better America. They have a tiger screaming, and underneath it are the words iEye of the Tigeri. Why someone would need multiple of these is beyond me… maybe they really like tigers. One of them hangs in front of the window, further adding to the imoodi lighting in the place.

The mother wanted me to get all the kids work put on disc. I assumed she meant like a CD nRom or something. She wanted it on 3.5 discs. I hated to tell her that she might be the only one who uses one of those still. She thought it would be a lot easier for the teacher to put it on disc. I wanted to ask if she’d ever turned ON her computer before. It would require the teacher scanning every piece of work, and making it interactive. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sorry.

Our school has its first basketball game tomorrow. Unfortunately, our best player just got kicked out of school for attendance reasons. I guess he thought he was Allen Iverson or something, and we’re only talking about attendance. Attendance. We’re talking about Attendance, not games, Attendance. What ball player gets kicked ot for attendance? What starter gets kicked out for attendance?

I really don’t know what to expect from this game. I mean, I expect fighting, cursing, and generally horrible basketball to be played. I guess I just feel fortunate to be able to see this event, and get out of school for an entire day as well.
We have our first sort of official ipracticei today. This is where I tell them pushing people down is a foul. Calling someone a piece of sh*t will probably get you a technical, Things like that.

We get to play the iotheri large continuation school tomorrow. See it’s a mixed bag… we could be playing some dumb kids who are 24 years old, and a great athletes, just not academic genius’. We may instead be playing a bunch of pasty stoner kids who have never seen a basketball, let alone shot one. I have no idea what to expect. I have 3 kids 6′ 3i or taller and they can all play pretty well. I’d like to think that’s something, but I don’t know how to coach them when I don’t know what to expect. It’s very mind-boggling. Are we going to be playing against a real defense? Or are we going get some ghetto street ball defense? These are things I need to know. I of course will have an update Friday.

I have at least 2 games tomorrow, possibly more.

It’s going to provide for a very interesting day that’s the one thing that IS guaranteed.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    You should bring that lady a new rug from one of those roadside vendors… Maybe one with that SCORPIONS cover with the guy screaming on it. That’d be hecka schweat.

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