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by admin on March 24th, 2004

Coming back from a 3-day weekend always is tough. I’m not sure I like it much. I’ve been back 3 days so far, and feel like I haven’t gotten into the groove yet. The classes have been really well behaved for the most part though, I think all that kicking out of students I did the past few weeks had an affect on them.

We’ve had this problem this year with kids from our school losing parents. (not like at the grocery store or anything, but to dying) I think the total is at 6 so far this year. It’s a strange phenomenon. I can’t really recall stuff happening like this at any school I’ve been at. 6 kids out of 130 is a pretty high percentage. I can only assume that some of it comes from the fact that these parents lead similar life styles to their children. I mean where else do these kids get it from? Sadly, I think that most of these deaths had some sort of drug or alcohol involved, or some sort of illness caused by using one of them for so many years. It’s crazy really.

The days are counting down until the end. I can’t wait.

That stupid Highly Qualified teacher thing is making me angry. I thought I was going to be able to use my status as department chair by default to help me become highly qualified easier.


I can’t use that, so now I’ll have to do some sort of evaluations, and portfolio to show my competence in teaching classes I don’t want to teach in the first place. I won’t be any more highly qualified then, than I am now. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

I’m not the one telling me I have to teach these crap subjects. I shouldn’t have to be the one to do all this work to get me highly qualified. If they kept me teaching art full time like I wanted, this wouldn’t be a problem. They also want me to take these stupid CLAD classes on video… PLEASE! It’s a lot of extra work for a job I really am not getting anything out of. If I were teaching art, I would be happy to do extra stuff to make me better at teaching art.

I should have been an exotic male dancer.

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