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Daily School Journal Day 127- More Madness

by admin on March 18th, 2004

We should be allowed to pummel one student a session. That’s all I ask. It would help solve teacher frustrations, and help classroom management as well.

I have one kid who is constantly disrespecting me. I think Education is the only place where people can disrespect others so blatantly and get away with it. I gave a kid detention today for being tardy too many times. He decided he wanted to argue about it.

iHow come I got detention?i
iYou have too many tardies, you got 4 in one day.i

Then he made some little sassy hand signal that basically signified iYAP YAP YAP YAPi

If anyone did that to their boss, they’d be fired.

If someone did that to someone in public, they’d get their mouth boxed.

Yet, I’m supposed to sit here and take it. That’s a problem for me.

I kicked him out of class, but he didn’t want to work anyway, so really I was doing him a favor.

It’s impossible to discipline the kids who don’t care. What kind of punishment do these kids actually not like? Suspension? That’s the best thing they could ask for? Sitting outside? They love it. Fail them? They’ve already failed their whole lives.

The worst part is I have this kid 3 times in one day. I usually kick him out about 3 times a day. He shows up, I ask him if he’s going to work, he doesn’t, I send him out. I don’t get it either, his mother and brother are exceptional people, and smart too. Weird.

Back to school night is tonight. Other than free pizza, it’ll be really boring.

The only things really keeping me sane today are the fact that A) Basketball is on TV all day long. B) I won’t be here tomorrow.

I love March Madness.

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