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Daily School Journal Day 121 (PM)- I may have bigger for you.

by admin on March 10th, 2004

HAHA I have been given an art class. It’s not as fun here as it is with typical high school kids. One of the downfalls here is that you have to explain everything to most of them like three times so they iget iti.

iYou’re going to take this picture you want to draw, and put a o inch grid on it. You’re going to enlarge it to a ae in grid so it’ll be 3 times as large.i
iYou mean I have to use three pieces of paper?i
iNo, only one, but the version you do will be three times bigger.i
i YEAH so 3 pieces of paper!!!i
iNo, o inch to ae inch is an enlargement of 3 times.i
iI don’t get it… you make it so confusing… i
iNo your brain makes it confusing.i
iHow is it 3 times bigger… you make it sound like it’s 3 pieces of paper.i
iI have NEVER even mentioned multiple sheets of paper once, you did that all by yourself.i

The kids have trouble picking out something to draw that isn’t basically a square or circle. The one kid who’s ioki at drawing, brags about how good he is all day long, and he couldn’t shade to save his life. It’s a real treat. The worst part is I am grading them just as hard as I would a class at a normal high school, and I graded pretty hard. Looking at what I’ve got this session, I’m guessing about 60% F’s, 20 % D’s and the rest C’s and B’s… .Oh how fun.

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