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Daily School Journal Day 121- Keep on Truckin’

by admin on March 10th, 2004

The meeting about iTHAT KIDi went OK. Nobody wants him to graduate, and walk across that stage, but our principal feels that because our Vice Principal made a deal with iThat Kidi that he needs to honor it by letting him graduate. I left the meeting understanding where he was coming from, but being a little pissed at my vice principal for basically going against me. I gave ithat kidi work to do he never did it, I gave it to him IN class, and AGAIN before summer, and he never did it. My VP told me that the ONLY way he was going to graduate was to do the work I gave him. He never did. Eventually the VP just gave him 5th grade packets to do, and graduated him. The kid was 18, he really could have told him we had no room for him here, he needed to find another way. He didn’t. While giving him easier work may have been last resort to just get ithat kidi out of our hair, It doesn’t sit well with me. I see it as being pretty spineless. I know our VP was afraid of dealing with his parents, again, so he just got rid of him. He never asked the staff’s opinions on the matter, never thought it out farther than getting rid of him. Now it’s come back to bite him in the rear. Then he passes the buck off to the principal to make the decision on it. What he needed to do was say; iHey, I didn’t think this out, I messed up, now I’m going to fix it.i You’re first loyalty should always lie with your staff, because once they lose faith in you, you’re done.

The solution we ended at was, they basically decided to let the kid graduate under the independent study program, not our school. His diploma won’t look as good as it would coming from our school. Really this isn’t good enough for me, but it’ll at least get me to show up that night. I just have this feeling that this whole deal is not over, iThat Kidi will be back sometime.

We have a guest speaker on campus today, from some school of Diesel Technology. Crazy. I asked him how he was doing and his answer was iGREAT. I’VE NEVER BEEN BETTER. I LOVE MY JOB!i Seriously dude, don’t rub it in. He gets to tour the country, and talk about trucker school. I’d love my job too. I didn’t want to tell him most of our kids don’t have licenses, or won’t be allowed to get them anytime soon, and all of them would fail a drug test. I didn’t want to ruin his day.

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