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Daily School Journal Day 117- I’m your pusher

by admin on March 4th, 2004

In an attempt to make the lives of my students more difficult, I’ve gone to using a cordless phone. One of the biggest hassles here is the fact that for some reason every kid here needs to make a phone call all the time. I have more phone calls that NEED to be made here in one day than I did in 3 years at a normal high school. It was kind of hard to keep policing it when my phone was attached to the wall on the other side of the room. Now that I have the cordless sitting right next to me, it’ll be easier to establish my no more using the phone policy. Except for the fact that every kid here has a cell phone anyway this should work fine.

We had to schedule for next session today. It’s always hectic. Plus as usual, when it’s the last days of the session, nothing happens. We just watch movies. We’ve gotten away from the staff vs. student games, and other fun stuff we did that helped the teachers bond with the kids in something other than academics.

I guess we had a student taken away in an ambulance today. She came in to my room first period with her iridei or iboyfriendi I’m not sure what he is, but they’re both in my class, and both came in looking bad, and fell asleep almost instantly. I think they might have been on something. The boy ended up leaving early with complaints of not feeling well. She left shortly there after. I don’t know what exactly happened.

We have also had complaints of someone dealing drugs here today. I don’t know why this is surprising. I hope they catch them, but for the most part, with out the help of drug dogs we don’t catch a lot of drugs here. Whenever one of the teachers smells marijuana on a student 90% of the time the administration doesn’t. The kids end up right back in class, high.

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