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Daily School Journal Day 116- Once, Twice, Three times a loser

by admin on March 3rd, 2004

There are some great kids here. I need to say that, so people don’t think I think they’re ALL bad. The problem with the good kids is that they graduate early, and leave. I just lost my TA, he was probably one of the nicer kids we had. You can tell which kids are here because of a fluke in the system. They get their work, do it, and get out. The kids who are here 4 or 5 years, and get only 1/3 of the required credits are the real problem.

In every other profession, or career we don’t reward the slackers, and bad people. The NBA isn’t made up of the kids who got kicked off their 6th grade teams. There aren’t leagues where those kids are still given chances to succeed. There has to come a point in every career, where it becomes clear that you don’t have what it takes. Not in education, we keep on trying, and KEEP ON TRYING to fix what is obviously broken. You don’t see fortune 500 companies keeping that guy in the mail room who had failed 40 drug tests, shows up late, if at all, then loses people’s letters, and misplaces everything. You don’t read magazines or newspapers written by the type of kids in my film class. You don’t go see a lawyer or a Doctor and have them talk about iHow fuggin’ stonedi they were over the weekend, and how they’re going to ismoke the green dankie out of a watermelon.i My point is, it becomes fairly clear who is and who isn’t going to take school seriously at least by 10th grade. If you’re a 3rd year senior, 18 years old, not retarded, and still 100 credits short, you need to be let go. Having kids get 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th chances at getting a school education isn’t benefiting them at all. What other area of life still welcomes you back after you messed up so many times. Can you cheat on your wife 5 or 6 times, and still be married? Can you not show up to work 7 times, and keep a job? Even criminals have a 3 strikes and you’re out policy. Trying to educate some of these kids is like Steroid testing in Major League Baseball, a totally flawed system.

I know for a fact that there are kids at this school who will be successful in life, and don’t need an ounce of the stuff we are required to teach them. I have a friend who went to a continuation school, KNEW he wasn’t cut out to go to college, or any of that, but still had to finish high school. He has his own business now and makes VERY good money. Why should he have been forced to go through hoops that he knew weren’t beneficial to him. Why couldn’t he structure his career interests in to his schoolwork? It’s questions like these that make working here so hard. Then let the Federal Government, and State Government keep piling on the requirements you need to meet to still work and It borders on ridiculous. I’m going to be a professional gambler or something.

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