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Daily school Journal Day 115- sick of school, at school

by admin on March 2nd, 2004

I’m starting to get a cold today, it’s miserable. I would have stayed home, except I wouldn’t get to rest, and recover there. I hurt. Being here is hard enough when you feel well, being here sick is way worse. The kids are almost tolerable when I’m well. Two of the schools in our district got to remain out of school for the rest of the week because of hail damage. This is not fair. Someone would argue that it’s worse because they have to go to school a week longer in June. FINE by me. March sucks. There are no holidays this month. I would rather come back in June, and make those days up. Nobody would come. You’d have like 3 kids in class, and could just watch movies all day long. Like Rod Stewart said, isome guys have all the luck, and some guys do nothing but complain.i I guess I fall in the second category.

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