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Daily School Journal Day 109- RIGHT UP TO YO’ FACE AND DIS’ YOU.

by admin on February 20th, 2004

Yesterday in the staff room, we were informed by a fellow teacher to stop istudent bashingi. Student bashing means talking bad about certain students. I’m going to make some reasons for the student bashing. It does happen. I do it. I know a lot of other people who do it too. First off, the kids being bashed are the ones who NEED to be educated somewhere other than our campus. If it’s to the point where the whole staff is talking badly about them, they’ve messed up, far beyond repair. The staff feels that the only way they can keep sane is to verbally attack these kids in the staff room. We sure can’t physically attack kids. We can’t verbally attack them to their faces. We have no discipline at this campus. So we have no way to relive the stress these kids cause. I told the lady flat out, I don’t say anything about any student that I wouldn’t say to their face, if I were allowed. I also don’t say anything that doesn’t need to be told to them by SOMEONE. These are the student’s that administration does nothing about, and just allows them to sit in class and waste everyone’s time being a disruption. I totally understand why they get ibashedi.

I say things like; isuch and such is a lazy pile of crapi. I would be perfectly happy telling these students that to their face. For some reason it’s seen as iNOT NICEi to tell these kids face to face how they’re behaving. I call certain kids idiots. Based, on the fact they talk about nothing other than drug use, sex, racial remarks, and any other topic that will put them at the center of attention. Far as I am concerned that makes them an idiot. I’d happily tell them they’re idiots. I actually feel ripped off I can’t. I don’t talk trash, or bash kids who do their work and behave. In Fact, I’m quite happy to dish out compliments about kids who do well. I mean seriously, if we’re not having discipline to be able to punish these kids for their actions, how are we supposed to deal with our frustrations. They can’t expect us to get along with every student.

Ideally it shouldn’t happen. If we had effective discipline here where we could get these kids sent home, or punished for being a disruption, then I could almost guarantee that the bad talk would stop. The connection should be clear. The kids being discussed are the ones who’ve driven people to wits end. Out of respect for my fellow teacher I won’t bash these kids anymore, when she’s around. I really can’t stress enough how badly the kids being discussed have behaved. These kids have been given 4th and 5th chances to act appropriately, and still messed up. Picture a child who sits, does no work, discusses how much pot and how many pills he’s done over the weekend, the night before, and will do the coming weekend. Talks about how many girls he’s had relations with, and the details of these encounters. They also discuss every other inappropriate topic you could ever imagine. They use the most colorful vocabulary you can use. You send them out of the room, and administration sends them back. You write them referral after referral and nothing happens. What do you do then? These kids flat out say they don’t want to be here, they’re just wasting time until they can go to independent study, or somewhere else. Some of these kids are only in school to get money. They get a social security check for being in school. You have no way to deal with them that is appropriate.

I have a training meeting Monday for my accreditation visit. I’m not sure how fun it will be but it gets me out of here for the day. I’ve enlisted Mr. Gung-ho substitute to work in my place. I have in the past commented on his happy attitude, and how I would not let him sub for me. I’ve changed my mind. Just to prove I give everyone a chance, and don’t have any prejudices, I’m letting him sail my ship on Monday. After a second conversation with him, he seems more down to earth than I thought. The fact he likes students like ours, makes him a better man than I.

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