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DAily School Journal Day 108- Where the floors have no piss

by admin on February 18th, 2004

I have kids here, who just sit, and don’t ever work. I guess in a way we’re alike. I sort of look at it like, I’m just not motivated enough to make them interested. I’ve tried over and over, with no luck. I mean if they’d all get excited on a subject, or to do something other than bookwork, I could be motivated to do something. I guess it all goes back to the fact I don’t like WHAT I’m teaching. I do some actual teaching in the Ceramics class, why because I like art; I’d go as far as to say I love teaching art. I can do it well enough to actually teach it. SO it makes the work more fun to know you’re better at the material than those you’re instructing. I think it’s the way the educational system meant it to be.

I can’t stand teaching Economics and Government. CAN’T FRIGGIN’ STAND IT. I can’t even feel bad if I don’t do a good job at it. I mean I like cars, but I wouldn’t want to fix them for a living. I feel the same way about the subjects I teach. I like History. I just don’t ever feel the need to teach people about it. I wouldn’t mind helping my sons understand it if they were having trouble. Why do people see it fit to have kids who can’t handle good teachers, get taught by teachers teaching out of their subject matter? Why is this a good idea? If ANYTHING these kids should have the best motivational speakers available teaching them. Tony Robbins with a history degree is what these kids need.

I have kids who call me to tell me their finishing work for another class. You can’t even finish work for my class. Is it o.k to finish one class while simultaneously failing another? These are the questions I need to know.


Yesterday I almost slipped and died on pee again. I’m going to leave another note I think, just as a courtesy, before I go to the source. I’m going to get them. I demand a piss free floor in my work place. I demand it.

I hate my phone. It rings all day long. ae of the time nobody is on it. It’s just beeping. I mean I’d rather walk all the way across the room to hear a Billy Ocean tune or something, because that beeping is ear piercing.

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