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Daily School Journal Day 107- Go shortie, it’s yo’ birthday.

by admin on February 17th, 2004

Having to work on your birthday should be outlawed. If I ever obtain a high ranking position in government, I’m making that law. The older you get, the worse you feel about being old. I should have the right to stay home and dwell on my age in peace. I mean is it really so much to ask? Let people have that day off of work, paid, as a present. People would have something to look forward to on their birthdays forever. CRAP! I’m 50, but hey, I get the day off. I’m doing my best to keep it a secret though. I just don’t need a bunch of people coming at me, and giving me a false ihappy birthdayi yell or something. I also don’t need them to announce it over the school intercom system. I’d be PISSED if that happened. I did buy myself a doughnut this morning instead of cereal. I have no expectations for this lovely 4-day week. The weather is awful, and it’s been raining for 3 straight days. Any minute I expect Noah to row by and give me a shout out.

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