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Daily School Journal Day 106- I’m a sucker for hoops

by admin on February 13th, 2004

Well Yesterday was the blood drive AGAIN. I understand the goodness involved with the blood drive, but the hassle makes me angry. We have kids running around school ALL day because of it. Kids are either going to, or coming from the blood drive. When they get back to class, they need to go back and get more juice. They come back and claim to be too tired to work. It’s not like they took the ONE-pint of smart blood they had in them. The kids ALL go out and have a smoke after they donate, which makes them all on the verge of passing out. It’s a lot of fun. The only good part of the blood drive is we get free pizza leftovers. They bribe kids to give blood by giving them free pizza to eat afterwards. They USED to get good pizza, combos and things like that. No longer. It’s straight cheese pizza now. By the time I get the leftovers, it’s like rubber toy pizza.


Yesterday I spoke with my Accreditation team leader. She seems a little too gung ho… like we’re going to be spending all our waking hours in this team, together. She let me know we had a tough task ahead of us. I guess instead of having to review one school in 3 days, we have 3 schools. They are all in the same location, but according to our leader it’s going to be a little more challenging. She seemed happy at the area we were headed to, and that there would be plenty for us to do. I’m thinking she has the idea that we’re going to wander the town as a team, hang out together, eat together, etc. I hate to bust her bubble. I plan on leaving soon as the work is done.
She’s going to be sending me pre-visit writing assignments. I can’t wait. Homework as she called it.

It’s the Friday before another 3-day weekend, which is always good. In looking at my list of day #’s, I think I am off. I’m on day 106, but I think in reality we’re on Day 114 or something. Time flies when your having fun I guess. I don’t know how many days I’ve missed, or miscounted. I’m just going to keep it where it’s at though. It’s much easier.

I was supposed to do trivia with the kids today, but they don’t seem amped for it, and I’m not amped for it… so I’m not going to do it.

Basketball season is over. I was 1-7 on the year. We won the last game. I guess we peaked at the right time of the year. Had that been for all the marbles, we’d have really done well. I will say this the team exceeded my expectations all year. I’m stuck again deciding whether or not to return for a 4th year. We’ll be as good or better next year. I just don’t know if we’re going to be in a position anytime in the next 2 years to compete for the title of the league. So we’ll see. I’m sure I will, I’m a sucker for hoops…

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